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This is area for all things to do with cycling.

Rodriquez bicycle with trailer
In autumn 2010 I got a bicycle trailer, my first. Using it is a revelation. I can now carry quite a bit of stuff with little extra effort. Although it is good for grocery shopping, I often use it to carry photographic equipment. In particular, it will hold a Linhof Kardan Super Colour monorail camera (5x4 inch negatives), a very large tripod, film holders, an extra lens, and all the other bits and bobs associated with using large format cameras. The trailer is a Carry Freedom City.

Harris Cyclery.

This site provides comprehensive information on all things cycling related. It is, I believe, the best cycling site in existence.

Local cycle shops

Broken Spoke Bike Coop. DIY worksop in Oxford.

Walton Street Cycles..

One of my favourite local shops. The people there are knowledgeable, the prices are reasonable, and their workshop does a good job.


Interesting rides in the Oxford area and Birmingham areas. (There are none listed yet, but that’s not because there aren’t any such rides.)