Robert L. Frazier ( )


Materials Wanted

A link to some material by ebauche.

Materials Available

NOS Balances

(I got a bunch of balances that were supposed to be NOS, but they were the dregs of the earth. Unfortunately, I mistakenly assumed that I got them from a reliable source, and mixed them in with the others before adequately checking. Consequently, this list is not completely reliable.)



Set bridges

Movements (or partial movments)

BS=Broken staff. NHW=no hour wheel. NS=No stem. BSB=Broken set bridge. No comment doesn't mean that it will tick, it is just that I've not recorded the state of the movement yet.

I also have a large number of small movements that I've not listed. Or even checked, for that matter.

Note: I'm much more inclined to trade these than to sell them. I have movements so that I can put together watches. (I repair them, make the dials, find cases, etc.) These are surplus or just haven't been associated with a project. So, if someone is keen on one, I'm willing to trade for one of equal interest. If someone insists on buying instead of trading, he or she is going to have to pay well over the odds for the movement.